Humor in Advertising

According to Beard – “As one of advertising’s most frequently used message tactics (U.S. advertisers alone may spend as much as $60 billion a year hoping they can make their audiences laugh!), humor is an admittedly complicated topic: One viewer may react very differently from another to the exact same ad or an ad may get a laugh but not make a sale.”

Growth of Television and Advertising – From Uncle Miltie to YouTube
Starting with earliest uses of humor in advertising this course will outline the growth and integration of cultural comedic touchstones and their use as initial campaign strategies that overlap to become zeitgeists of their own.
Topics will include the portfolios of agencies and products with such work as:

“Woody Allen” Smirnoff
“That’s a Spicey Meatball” – Alka Seltzer
“Can’t believe I ate the whole thing” – Alka Seltzer
“Where’s the Beef” – Wendy’s
“Speed Talker” – FedEx
“Gotta Make the Donuts” – Dunkin Donuts
“Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Staples Back to School campaign
“I’m on a horse” – Old Spice
“I shipped my pants” – KMart
“I ate the bones?” – KFC
“Liam Neesons-‘Non Stop’ movie promo” – Key & Peele

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